Paris 2010

Paris. Today is my first day in paris. It is some kind of holiday where everyone is selling Lily of the Valley flowers on the street. May Day. It is the law that everyone who has some can sell it on the street.Right now I am in line to go into Notre Dame cathedral. There is a man and woman behind me from some upper class area of england. The line is very long it being a holiday and all, and these two have been complaining the entire time. For the first five minutes they weren’t sure if this was the right line. Then they were complaining about how long it is. then they were pointing out people who they thought were cutting “the cue.” now they seem to be worried about where everyone is from. “must be from india or something, they look very dark.” “yes, very dark, I’d say.” Uh oh, it seems they are upset because they think someone is “trying to push in” front of us and in their concern and determination to not let it happen, they have now pushed in front of me. I laugh it off and stroll into the cathedral just in time for communion.

Everything was beautiful in Notre Dame. I felt love for my family, especially my grandfather who once sat with the pope.

Now I am in line for the bathroom. People are cutting here as well, but this visit is mostly precautionary so I don’t really care. People are interesting. I’m sorry, but the whites seem to be especially interesting with their narcassistic ways. Of course all of them are not cutting lines and such, but many are dismissive and seem to believe they are entitled to their every whim without much, if any regard to others.

I am now sitting along the Seine river watching nothing and then tourist boats go by. The weather is beautiful. I am reminded of all the violence that has gone on by the hands of humans. There really is no excuse for the murderous acts committed against each other for no reason other than greed or racism, which are one in the same. I can imagine why the whites are so jealous of people of color. We are beautiful.

I don’t see many black people here. The ones I have seen so far are toilet attendants or nannies, or just poor. I don’t feel the racism that I do in the US, but these people don’t seem to fair much better. The black french seem ashamed to a degree; most of their heads, if not, just their eyes are facing the ground. But everything is okay. In fact it is beautiful. I am so blessed to be here and I am thankful. Our entire western society needs to change. Lets start with a blank sheet of paper and go from there.

How would I design the new society? First of all, holding the euro reminds me of how stupid our monetary system is. We pay for things with little pieces of paper. Whynot just grab a leaf and pay with that? A leaf has more intrinsic value. At least it is in it’s natural state. The tiny thin cuts of paper mauled with ink of people of rank in socirty perpetuates the myth of inequality. We are all equal in value and should be loved and respected as such. If we are not to value each life, then we do not value life itself. Hence all the killing. And while we may not have the guillatine in the square, we still have state sanctioned killings. There is no difference between killing and murdering. It is all murder. There is no reason to murder another, lets just start with, human being. The only reason that merits killing is in direct self defense. And if we valued life in general, I believe that would eliminate the need for self defense. For valuing one another would mean treating each other with respect. There would be no harm done to the psyche or body or others which would in turn make there be no psyhological reason for retaliation.There should be no land ownership for the state or person. When we respect each other, we respect the fact that everyone needs space in which to live. So, you live where you settle. And when you move, you settle somewhere else and leave your space to someone else or with family who live there.

Why should we have a homeless crises when there are thousands of empty homes everywhere? Let the people live there. Maybe those who are skilled in house building would build a house for someone in exchange for their farming, baking, dressmaking, housecleaning, hairdressing, etc. abilities. So if fifteen people build a house, the people who live in the home would offer their services to those people whenever they are in need. If someone leaves their house and someone new moves in, they would find out who was in need of their services in the community and offer them in exchange for whatever services they have.Since all human life and talent is valued equally, those who can provide for those who are mentally or physically incapable of providing for themselves would do so lovingly and with honor.And if we wanted some kind social welfare system, we could have one that provided as equally as any institution could, but I think this should be avoided as the nature of an institution is inequality and therefore could not survive in an egalitarian system without corupting the system entirely eventually.Of course there are many other ideas that we should be open to. The point is that our current society is rediculous and ignorant and unecessarily brutal. It is based on the lowest mentality and I know we can do better than this.

Diamonds and rubies and gold and such. What childish minds gave them value? I can see a toddler being facinated by their shiny appearance, but to go to war and kill people for them? How silly is that?There is some kind of holiday today. There are bunches of police lined up with crowd control stuff and guns. I thought the police didn’t cary guns in europe. I guess that was long ago before terrorists. After all, the last time I was in europe was 24 years ago. Things change. Well these guys have big guns and armor like robocop. Sarkozy. And they are all super cute, like firemen in the US and cops in LA. They got some fyine firemen in the states. Whew! They must have gotten them from here. This is the kind of people watching I can get used to. “y’all speak french?” we’ll, voules vous coche avec moi, c’est sois?” or something like that.So this is where size six shoes go. The ladies have little feet. I wonder if that means the men have little dicks.And there goes another one.Hi goodlooking man. Whasho name is?I am in the Louvre. I just saw the mona lisa for the first time and now I am sitting in the hall of other italian paintings. When I first walked up the stairs to this hall I felt myself getting full. There is something about being in the presence of human history that is overwhelming. But then the heard of people took over. They didn’t do anything in particular. Just the idea of the heard was very disgusting to me. And all this white people’s art is not very moving. The whites. It is hard for me to feel compassion fo their history. They just seem so nasty. I know this is an awful way of thinking and I am glad I am here so that I can work on this. I want to love everyone. I want to see the beauty that is in us all. I love my white friends; never even give it a second thought. I am attracted to white men. I love seeing interracial couples, although I admit it is mostly bcause it makes me feel like this will eventually lead to the annihilation of their race, or race in general. Since the melonin producing gene is stronger than the non melonin producing gene, if we all integrate there will soon be only brown (francis crest welsing’s theory of color confrontation). We need to get on this quickly and try to eliminate this race thing. Africans, come to the americas and europe and integrate. These whites have got to go. Its not that I want to hurt the whites. I just want to eliminate them by integrating them over time and see what happens. Not genocide, like the whites, more like genotransmutation. If everyone integrates then race will cease to be an issue. Black, white, asian, mexican, lets all get together and get rid of racism. It is a horrible affliction, one that we have not been able to resolve.Now some may say that this would only lead to other problems. People will always find a way to hate each other. Plus, it would not resolve the underlying issue –whatever that may be. How about we utilize the behavioral method. If we all integrated consciously, then it would resolve the issue.I understand that there are cruel and mean, brutal and ugly acting black people, Asians, Indians, and all ethnicities. Genotransmutation would not cure all evils. It is only intended to cure the problem of racism by transmuting race into a nonentity.

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