Chia Seed Juice and Things.

I bought another juicer. It’s good. I recently moved more toward making juice in my Ninja blender. It works great! I have tried Vitamix and many others, but the high powered Ninja is the bomb. Even the smaller “bullett” works well. But I missed juicing. I missed buying local organic produce and making it into a juice. I missed creating my own nutritious and delicious elixirs. So I’ve been juicing for about a week. Cranberries, apples, pears, lemon, turmeric, ginger, beets, dandelion leaves, fresh burdock root, carrots and celery juices are what I’ve been making each morning. Delicious, but also providing essential nutrients, etc..

Now I’m going to go a step further. I added two tablespoons of Chia seeds into my juice and will let it sit in the fridge all night. Will it turn into a sort of juice jello due to the chia expanding and soaking up the water? Yum. I’d have that for breakfast. You see, for me chia seeds do one of the most important things that I need. Along with all of it’s nutritional

and other benefits, chia seeds ensure that I go to the bathroom regularly.

If you feel bloated or constipated, here are my top natural remedies:

Okra. Some like it, some don’t. But okra will cure constipation every time. Eat it raw in a salad. I’ll share the recipe later. Or boil them w tomatoes. Or put several pickled okra in a Bloody Mary. You will have a lovely bowel movement soon. Also drink a couple cups of water before bed.

Which brings me to my next remedy. Water.

I recommend 16 ounces in the morning when you wake up, 16 ounces in the evening. Drink more during the day. It works. Some say you should drink half of your body weight in ounces. Sounds good. Try it and make sure that you do 16 oz in the am and 16 oz in the evening. Your body will get used to it eventually after it has been satiated. Then you won’t have to get up at night to use the bathroom. But keep drinking water.

Chia seeds. They work every time. Put a teaspoon in whatever drink and you will have a bowl movement soon. Let them sit in the juice or milk from five minutes to overnight. They will expand with jell like outer ring. See what consistency you prefer. Drink it from a straw or scoop it with a spoon. Let me know it you want recipes. I sometimes add Matcha powder to mine if it is milk based.

I will be incorporating spiraling into my juices, and other super foods. I am trying some things out. I will let you know the results. With love and regularity, Grené

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