A poem

The perks of being bipolar

Sometimes I am so happy that I cry.
No fear of death; half the time I’m trying to kill myself!
Only take half the amount of showers
So I save on water and gas bills.
Almost never wash clothes
Again water bill savings.
Sometimes super creative
That’s fun.
Sometimes I’m so hyper that I can clean-up in minutes.
Get to curse people out whether they deserve it or not.
No appetite, so no stress about dieting.
And stupid Americans think skinny is cool so I get a lot of compliments on how skinny I am.
Also save on groceries.
Can break up w bad boyfriends
Without even noticing.
Therefore less heart aches.
I think its Monday, then
Realize it’s Friday.
So more weekend fun.
Never want to go anywhere
So my son can use the car —
Don’t have to buy him a new one.


  1. You have made positive points out of something that is not easy. I have not yet gotten to the point of finding anything positive about suffering from this illness so thank you for expressing a different spin

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